What Allows Duro-Last to Stand Out?


Working on roof maintenanceDuro-Last is a type of single-ply roofing system that is made up of a very strong and reinforced material. That is exactly what makes it perfect for commercial and industrial buildings possessing flat or low-sloped roofs. Single-ply roofing systems, including Duro-Last, are widely coveted throughout America; Indiana happens to be no exception in that regard. So, if you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Indianapolis, IN, get in touch with the roofing specialists of Exceptional Roofing at (888) 495-0835 and let them install a brand-new Duro-Last on your business premises. If you already possess a Duro-Last, they are also fully capable of providing any maintenance services!


Worker applying duro last on roofAs a single-ply membrane, Duro-Last has a plethora of perks to offer for commercial buildings. For starters, Duro-Last is resistant to high winds, punctures, grease, chemicals, and fire. So, you can rest assured that it will accommodate the varying weather of Indiana and keep functioning optimally for years to come. Secondly, Duro-Last roofs are manufactured off-site in a factory-controlled environment—better still, they are customized, particularly according to your needs. So, not only do you get a more dependable and stronger roof for your employees, customers, and products but also, you will get the best fit for your design and structure. It is also worth mentioning that in a factory-controlled environment, only qualified roofers would work on the material of your roof.

In addition to this, due to the ability of Duro-Last membranes to reflect more than 80% of the UV sun rays, they are an ideal cool roof choice. With a Duro-Last covering your commercial property, you will notice a significant reduction in your energy consumption and, as a result, in your utility bills.

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Are you a commercial building owner in Indianapolis, IN who wants a cost-effective but durable roofing option for your business premises? Well, Duro-Last is your choice, and there is no one better for the job than the trained and insured craftsmen of Exceptional Roofing. So, don’t wait anymore and get in touch with us today at (888) 495-0835 for more details!

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