Is a Roof Coating Worth It?


Commercial roofAs commercial roofs are usually flat, they are especially prone to water retention that in turn, causes leaks. These leaks are ultimately the reason behind water seeping inside the deck of your roofing system. Moreover, the enhanced exposure to UV sun rays of flat roofing systems adds fuel to the fire; this is because UV sun rays cause roof membranes to weaken with the passage of time, causing tears and cracks to emerge. Due to the susceptibility of a commercial roof to moisture and UV rays, it is viable – both financially and practically – to resort to roofing coatings. If your commercial building is located in Indianapolis, IN, and you need more information on roof coatings, just give a call to Exceptional Roofing any time at (888) 495-0835!


A roof coating can offer you a variety of benefits. For one, its application – both the top and the base coats – can be conveniently installed by either brushing or spraying the roof membrane. When it comes to the level of protection provided by a roof coating, it varies from one type to the other. A few of these roof coatings, such as silicone coatings, can provide your roof with 100% UV protection. So, with a silicone roof coating on top of your roof, you can rest easy knowing that your roof would serve for decades to come. In addition to this, the reflective nature of roof coatings reduces the cooling costs of commercial buildings. Furthermore, due to the roof coatings being light-colored, they are able to reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. The pressure on your building’s HVAC system is in turn, reduced. Last but not least, roof coatings can enhance the lifetime of commercial roofs by at least ten solid years.

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